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Sir George Martin ACS Signature Series

“The George Martin Signature Series earphones designed by ACS are at the cutting edge of earphone technology allowing you to experience the music you love with clarity at a safe sound level. I am also very grateful to ACS for supporting Action On Hearing Loss’s important work with a generous donation from the sale of each set of George Martin Signature Series earphones.”
Sir George Martin
Sir George Martin – The Very Best of British

Considered one of the greatest record producers of all time, Sir George Henry Martin CBE has touched the lives of millions of people through music. Sir George, two-time Ivor Novello and multi-Grammy award recipient, played a significant role in the meteoric rise of The Beatles. He produced two of the greatest Bond themes in ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Live and Let Die’ and has amassed the most No 1 singles of any producer in the world. This legendary gentleman has given so much to his craft in his pursuit of perfection but the many years spent in studios, listening at high volume levels has taken it’s toll on his hearing. In an irony of the cruellest kind, Sir George is no longer able to enjoy listening to music.

Sir George’s desire to encourage research, education and awareness to the misery of noise damaged hearing loss has sparked a unique collaboration between himself, British earphone manufacturer, Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS) and Action on Hearing Loss (AOHL) the UK’s largest charity taking action on hearing loss.

A discussion between Sir George and Andy about how to raise much needed funds for hearing loss & tinnitus research has resulted in the creation of the incredible custom made George Martin Signature Series earphones. This is the culmination of the brief to develop an amazing set of bespoke, custom moulded earphones to allow the listener to experience music the way that Sir George intended and at the same time ensure that no matter what piece of equipment they were connected to wouldn’t damage the users precious sense of hearing. The earphones are delivered with an innovative UK developed and manufactured hearing dose management unit, HDMPro, designed to keep the output from the earphones within the limits set by the EU noise at work legislation.

Sir George Martin