- Bespoke Moulds -


With agents and offices based globally, an appointment can be made at one of our designated locations.
However, should you wish to have an agent visit you personally this can also be arranged at an additional cost.

Impression Taking

During your appointment a fully qualified and insured professional from the ACS team will examine your ears. Providing you have not recently experienced any pain or infection or undergone any form of surgery on the ear within the last month, it is safe to take your ear impressions for your bespoke custom moulds.
Only if there is an excess of ear wax will it prevent us from proceeding, under which circumstances a visit to your GP to have the wax removed will allow us to rebook your appointment and continue with the process. Please allow 15-20 minutes to complete the impressions on both ears.


With Asprey’s handcrafting process of each individual leather presentation case that accompanies your signature earphones, please allow a 3-month turnaround for delivery of your complete order.